Iceland Spar, the Stone of Clarity

clarity iceland spar optical calcite viking sunstone

Clarity, Amplification, Bringing in Positive Energy and Outlook

Also called optical calcite and Viking Sunstone, this stone was once used by Vikings to get their bearings while on ocean voyages. It activates ALL of the chakras, and brings crystal clarity to the user. You can use it while meditating or doing a simple ritual to help remove fear and therefore focus only on the positive things you want to bring into your life. Because it's so great at this, this stone is also a wonderful one for those learning about the law of attraction and manifestation - it creates a vacuum where the old, stagnant energy was, which pulls in the positive as you focus on positive thoughts. It has a very high vibration. 

This stone works so well in gridwork, amplifying the effects of everything else in your stone grid! It's like a huge catalyst for your energy. It can also be laid directly on the body during reiki or meditation to align and cleanse all the chakras.

It clears out old energy and unproductive cycles, allowing fresh, positive energy in, and allowing you to see things with a new perspective, so try using a few around the corners of your office or desk, or under your bed at the four corners. For these same reasons, it can often help you through disagreements, allowing a new way of looking at things to change the situation for the better.

It's also amazing for students and learning situations, known as one of the stones of the mind. Use it alone or with fluorite to clarify your thinking and increase your analysis skills by setting it next to you as you study.

It helps relieve migraines and eye troubles. When used with other crystals, it will often double the healing effects that they have. It can also amplify intent, like quartz, and can similarly be 'programmed' for a specific purpose. This means that it can be used for distance healing etc, because it amplifies the intent you're sending.

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