Magical Properties of Desert Rose Selenite

desert rose selenite energy healing selenite stone

Desert Rose SeleniteSelenite is renowned for its high-vibrational cleansing and purification; it neutralizes negative energies from people and spaces and sends that energy back into the earth to be healed, freeing us to receive guidance from our intuition and to grow in psychic abilities.  Originating in the arid desert, this crystal formed after thousands of years of wind, sand, and salt-water evaporation, which combined to build these "petals" of selenite into rosettes. 
Ancient tradition teaches that each selenite rose holds a unique spirit guardian. These stones have been used as talismans for bravery and protection, and are held as keys to connecting to angelic guides as well as unlocking our own intuition.  In Mesopotamia, selenite was kept in rooms of the sick to ward off evil spirits.
Other records teach that selenite is the shattered divine light uttered from the Moon goddess magicCreator's breath in the making of the earth, while the ancient Greeks named it after the goddess of the moon, Selene, believing that praying to her while holding Selenite under the moonlight would grant her blessings, especially in romantic involvements. This season holds the most moonlit hours per day; the perfect time for using selenite to overcome stagnation, clear energy blockages, move forward in all endeavors, and transcend into communion with the Higher Self.
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